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Matt and Rambo are back!  It's The Syndicate Series Volume 2 

New - Black Mirror Cult

Ten years has passed since Matt and Rambo's last adventure. Older, but not necessarily any wiser,  the pair suddenly begin to feel the force of change lean heavily upon them. Firstly, Pup drops a  bombshell and then, on Matt's very next session, Luke - the Christian carper - makes an equally personal decision in a desperate attempt to catch a carp. As these events unravel and involve them  further, Matt and Rambo have no option other than to try and discover the truth about the  mysterious new player captivating the world of carp fishing - the Black Mirror  Cult.  


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The Syndicates
Part VII  

The concluding book of Volume 1

£7.95 postage free

The Ransom and The Syndicate Part VI 

What promises to be a glorious season soon turns sour

£7.95 postage free

Revenge of The Syndicate Part V 

An XXX-rated carp fishing DVD and a clairvoyant carper 

£7.95 postage free

Running The Syndicate Part IV 

Matt and Rambo organise a charadee fish-in 

£7.95 postage free

Return of The Syndicate Part III 

Back into a syndicate - one featuring a haunted pit 

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The Syndicate R.I.P.
Part II 

An epic carp fishing adventure... and Rebecca 

£7.95 postage free

The Syndicate - the first book of the series 

The original carp fishing novel that broke the mould 

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26th SEPTEMBER 2016
Publication date of the latest Syndicate Book

'Black Mirror Cult'

A decade has passed in the lives of Matt and Rambo since their last adventure. Circumstances have altered. Life has moved on. Things are not as they once were.
And just who or what the hell are the Black Mirror Cult?

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